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Peachtree Group is an investment firm driving growth with a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets and other ventures.

What we do.

Peachtree has executed hundreds of investments since inception with a focus on real estate acquisition, development, and lending. Today, we manage billions in investor equity, augmented by services designed to protect, support, and grow your investments.

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Investing is the heart of what we do. Our experienced team identifies, underwrites, originates, and executes your investments across hospitality and commercial real estate, focusing on long-term growth through acquisition, end-to-end development, and direct lending.

Investment Services

Our goal is not to mirror market performance. It’s to beat it. Peachtree's holistic strategy includes a broad array of services designed to proactively manage the variables in your real estate investments, from construction and property management to asset and capital stewardship. This active approach allows us to go beyond simply protecting your interests to optimizing investments for sustainable growth.


While we pride ourselves on our consistent strategy, sometimes the best way to grow is by branching out. Peachtree Group identifies and incubates promising opportunities and moves quickly to capitalize on them, executing investments with the potential to complement our portfolio and power future growth.

A legacy, built and maintained.

Our Story

In 2007, Greg Friedman and Mitul Patel form Peachtree Hotel Group as a family office to invest in premium-branded select-service hotels.

2014 - First Credit Investment Vehicle Launched

Peachtree reorganizes from a family office to a vertically integrated private equity firm.

2016 - Peachtree Surpasses $1B in Asset Value

The firm launches its first discretionary equity investment vehicle.

Pandemic Hits - Firm Surpasses $5B in Asset Value

Peachtree initiates its most extensive investment initiative to date, capitalizing on disruption. Acquires 180 first mortgage notes.

January 2024

Doubling in size since 2020, Peachtree Group is a leading CRE investment manager surpassing:

$10.3 billion

in real estate asset value
$3.6 billion
capital under management

Culture & values,

One Vision | One Peachtree

We elevate excellence to create value and drive meaningful growth. We are Agile, Authentic, and Accountable.


We deliver innovative strategies while executing with speed and efficiency. We embrace change and capitalize on opportunities.


We foster trust and credibility with stakeholders through a commitment to transparency and diversity of thought. We are better together.


We understand our fiduciary duty, take responsibility for our actions, and own the impact of our decisions. We empower our team to lead with integrity and listen with intent.

FAQs, answered.

Get informed insight into everything from CPACE lending to credit solutions and more.

Who is Peachtree Group?

Peachtree Group is an investment firm driving growth with a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets and other ventures. We’ve executed hundreds of investments since inception with a focus on real estate acquisition, development and lending. Today, we manage billions in equity, augmented by services designed to protect, support and grow our investments.

What services does Peachtree Group offer?

Peachtree Group offers investment opportunities in acquisitions, development, and credit - including commercial lending. Our investment services help protect and grow our investments and include: Asset Management (building and loan servicing); Capital Markets (debt and equity through Peachtree Private Credit Investors (PPCI) our exclusive broker-dealer for Peachtree Group's family of funds, which includes FINRA-registered representatives; Construction Project Management and Property Management.

When was Peachtree Group founded?

Peachtree Group was founded in 2007, by CEO and managing principal, Greg Friedman and managing principal, Mitul Patel. CFO and managing principal, Jatin Desai joined the company in 2009.

Who owns Peachtree Group?

Peachtree Group is a private company owned by Greg Friedman, Mitul Patel and Jatin Desai.

Is Peachtree Group the same as Peachtree Hotel Group?

Yes. Peachtree Hotel Group rebranded as Peachtree Group when the company expanded to invest beyond hotels in 2022.

Does Peachtree Group own hotels?

Yes. Peachtree Group has a hospitality management division that manages our owned hotels, as well offers third-party management services.

Is Peachtree Group affiliated with Peachtree Hospitality Management?

Yes. Peachtree Hospitality Management is the hotel management division of Peachtree Group. This entity manages our owned hotels, as well as offers third-party management services for other hotel groups.

Is Peachtree Group affiliated with Stonehill Strategic Capital and Stonehill PACE?

Yes, Stonehill Strategic Capital and Stonehill PACE has been the credit arm of Peachtree Group since its founding in 2014. In September 2023, Stonehill officially became known as Peachtree Group Credit. Peachtree Group Credit encompasses our lending division, as well as our note purchases.

Does Peachtree Group offer Commercial Real Estate loans?

Yes. Peachtree Group Credit, formerly Stonehill Strategic Capital is a direct commercial real estate lender, actively providing permanent loans, bridge loans, mezzanine loans, CPACE loans and preferred equity investments. Our lending division was founded in 2013, and provides creative finance solutions for acquisitions, recapitalizations, refinancing, repositions and renovations. Our strategic insight is informed through decades of lending experience coupled with access to real time data. We are better lenders because of the insight from our dedicated property operations and construction management teams helping borrowers achieve their business objectives.

What is Peachtree Group’s DEI policy?

Peachtree Group prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our policy ensures accessibility, diverse representation, inclusive language, sensitive topic handling, feedback, training, compliance, and accountability. We are committed to a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment for all.

What are Peachtree Group’s ESG’s principals?

At Peachtree Group, we are unwavering in our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. We strive to make positive contributions to the world by incorporating sustainability into our business practices, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Our mission is to create long-term value, not only for our stakeholders but for the planet and society as a whole. We believe that responsible ESG practices are integral to our success and align with our core values.

We’re hiring!

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Corporate property positions

If you are passionate about thinking strategically, acting decisively, and processes rooted in progress, you might be a fit for our team. Join us?

On-property positions

Join a team that's just as enthusiastic about hospitality and driven by creating unforgettable experiences as you are.

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